renaming files in multiple folder each starting with number 01

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#1 : 31/03-16 18:16
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I have my pictures in several folder and want to rename them with numbers.

Like: <DirName:1> - <Inc Nr:001:1>.jpg

now when i select a folder it works ok

but when i select more the one folder this happens
in the first folder the files are numbers for example 01 to 10 that is ok but
in the second folder the files become 11 to like 25
in the third folder the files become 26 to..... and so on

How can i select multiple folders were the files in it, are renamed starting 01 over and over again?

31/03-16 18:16
#2 : 01/04-16 09:17
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Reply to #1:
Solved, it was in the manual

01/04-16 09:17