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#1 : 31/03-16 22:20
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Hello, I am using the <ExifTool:MediaCreateDate> tag, but that tag is in UTC time-zone. How would I go about changing it back 5 hours. In other words, it should be UTC-5?

Also, is there a quick way to change the format of the ExifTool tags? Right now it puts an underscore between each attribute, such as May 15th, 2015 is 2015_05_15. I would like to delete underscores. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


31/03-16 22:20
#2 : 15/04-16 13:10
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I also would like an easy method to do this. The underscores are present as exif tool returns the date and time with characters that cannot be used in filenames so advanced renamer replaces them with underscores. If you want the same separator then you can change the character in the "replace unsupported with" field in the Renaming tab in settings with some other character.

My current solution is to create five replace methods after my New name method (I'm using <ExifTool:CreateDate> tag). I put an _ in the "text to be replaced" field and a - in the "replace with field" in the first two replace methods. I put an _ in the "text to be replaced" field and a . in the "replace with" field in the last two replace methods . For the third method the text to be replaced is space and I replace with space-space.

In the ocurrence field I set it to 1st for all five replace methods and it's applied to the name.

This takes me from for example a file called



2015_03_14 21_04_16.jpg (After new name method using exiftool:createdate)


2105-03-14 - 21.04.16.jpg (after the five replace methods)

You can replace the separators with whatever you prefer. Unfortunately there's no great way to format date time in a file name. The above looks good to me and my wife although she would have preferred 2104.16 for the time formatting. It's marginally better than the underscore format.

It's a shame I can't attach a window shot of my rules or attach the .aren file as it would be a better explanation :(

Hope this helps.

15/04-16 13:10
#3 : 15/04-17 22:25
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Still no help regarding UTC time change?

15/04-17 22:25
#4 : 16/04-17 12:05
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Try this in a script method:


you can adjust parameters at the beginning of the script

NOTE: I set it to use the Modify Date of the file instead of Create date, because the create date is the most unreliable date you could use. It changes the second you copy the file over.. modify date on the contrary, is a bit more reliable. The best date however, is DateTimeOriginal, which is an exif tag that is written by the camera, and is embedded in the photo. Create Date, Modify Date, Accessed Date are file system dates.

You can change what date you would like to use in the script.


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