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#1 : 05/04-16 15:25
Fatuous Jeffrey
Fatuous Jeffrey
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I don't see an option to change the font in the list and the default font is not monospaced. It's very common to use a monospace font when listing file names. It makes it easier to visually determine if naming conventions are being followed, and makes sorted list easier to read. Is there a way to change the font, or default to a monospace font?

05/04-16 15:25
#2 : 09/04-16 21:24
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I don't think I have ever used a program with a file manager that were using a monospaced font. I don't think it is that common. A big problem with monospaced fonts is that they take up more space on the screen. This makes it difficult to have many visible columns in the file viewer.

09/04-16 21:24