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#1 : 14/05-11 10:05
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Am not sure whether this has been handled before: forum has no search option.

The shooting time of some photos accidentally is 6 hours later.

Is there a way to update the created/accessed/modified date to use Exif date time minus hh:mm

So, kind of time adjustment, timeshifting.

Adjust time by [+] or [-] hh mm ss

An option wud be:
- first change timestamp based on Exif data (which is xx hours wrong)
- then, in 2nd rename job do the time-adjustment


14/05-11 10:05
#2 : 15/05-11 15:21
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you use two timestamp methods you can in the first method set the file timstamp to the exif timestamp. In the second you can use the Delta Date/Time feature to subtract 6 hours from the timestamp.

15/05-11 15:21
#3 : 28/09-12 10:25
Nic Daniau
Nic Daniau
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Could you please explain how to shift the exif timestamp via batch rather than updating manually one file at a time? Many thanks in advance. Fantastic product by the way (see http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-renam e-utility.htm#comment-99893).

28/09-12 10:25
#4 : 28/09-12 12:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer can change the modified, created, and accessed date/time vaules of a file. If you want to change the Exif meta, Advanced Renamer cannot be used. But if you want to use the Exif timestamp to change the modified timestamp or use it in the name, you can do so.

28/09-12 12:16