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#1 : 14/05-11 20:34
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Hi Kim Jensen,

I talked to you a good while back, when I was still traveling.

Thanks again for this great program.

Only after trying to rename a large amount of shots at once, did I realize that I've taken more than 10,000 pictures between February and May... yipes

Your program is wonderfully robust, renamed 10,000 files, plucking exif info and putting it into the filenames in less than a minute!

I've been trying out ACDSee, which lets you store categories or keywords in a database and its actually able to embed that data directly into image files too. However, their file renaming abilities aren't anywhere near what you've built.

I haven't been able to retrieve those ACDSee's embedded tags in AdvancedRenamer, which may simply be lack of knowledge on my part.

But playing with this gave me an idea: Maybe the ACDSee guys would care to licence your technology, which would make their program much more powerful.

Maybe you could get decent money for such a license? I don't know, maybe its worth a phone call to them, maybe not...

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#2 : 15/05-11 15:29
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have been using ACDSee on and off over the years. My biggest problem with their software is that they don't know what makes their software great. They keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and what was once a killer feature is suddenly gone. That is my experience with ACDSee. At one point I even thought about making a competing program.
Your idea is really interesting. I will think about it and how such a collaboration could work out. But I don't know if I want to do it. ACDSee is expendable through plugins right? Maybe I can make a ACDSee plugin for Advanced Renamer.
You are right about the tags. I also used them once, until I found out that no other program could read those. I have no idea how and where they persist those information in the files. I seems very vendor specific.

15/05-11 15:29