Bug or Code tweak: name collision rule being applied oddly

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#1 : 15/04-16 15:25
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When renaming files using ExifTool:CreateDate (possibly other tags) same named files are listed under the error column with error "Possibility of multiple files with the same name".

However the name collision rule is also set up to append an incrementing number with a separator of _. The new file names in the new filename column are correctly set with _001 and _002 etc appended. However the first file name with the _001 appended has the "Possibility of multiple files with the same name" but the other (_002 _003 etc) file names are ok.

I haven't explained this very well. Sorry.

To duplicate this create a couple of copies of a jpeg file with exif data (at least CreateDate). Create a New Name Rule with <ExifTool:CreateDate>.<ext> as the new name and apply to name and extension. Set the name collision rule to append incrementing number. Add the duplicated jpg's to the List and the error should show up on the first file.


15/04-16 15:25
#2 : 16/04-16 13:26
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Ok, This is fixed in the latest version.


16/04-16 13:26