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#1 : 22/04-16 15:11
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When i upload files from a folder i get all in red - invalid files.
I have no idea why.

22/04-16 15:11
#2 : 23/04-16 18:38
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Please explain with more details.


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23/04-16 18:38
#3 : 25/04-16 21:20
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Reply to #2:
When i upload folders i can se foldername, new foldername and path and all in red color which means something is wrong.
At the end a see the text: invalid files.
Is there a limit how many folders i can upload at the same time ?

Is there a way to upload screenshot here ?

I don' t have an eng. version of AR so i hope i explain it OK.

25/04-16 21:20 - edited 25/04-16 21:24