Feature Request : more panels in the interface

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#1 : 27/04-16 00:08
Jorge Ducharme
Jorge Ducharme
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I'm using advanced renamer on a fairly low resolution display. (remote desktop)
The issue is, for 90% of my renaming, i dont need or use EXIF info.

I saw there was an option to toggle off the infobox in the program settings, but it does not expand the file list when I do that. It simply shows a blank space. I'd like the infobox behave more like the folder panel, and I could toggle it on and off, and have the filelist window resize accordingly.

It would be great if we could have this as a panel as well. Or collapsible so we can easily toggle the display when needed.

This is my first post on the forum, so i'd like to add a thank you for making this utility. It's been really handy to use. I've tried a few other free ones out there, but this is the one i'm sticking with now.



27/04-16 00:08