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#1 : 01/05-16 12:43
Gav Boyd
Gav Boyd
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I'm a newbie to this great file renaming program, but I need some help.

How do remove unwanted text from a file name so I'm only left with the title of the file, a space then the year in brackets followed by the file extension (eg .mp3)??

Ive tried following the examples on the forum, and am nearly there, but the text I want to have removed isn't always the same and can be random, so I'm wondering if there is a way I can remve that text whatever it is, and just be left with what I want.


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#2 : 15/05-16 12:30
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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In order to give you the best answer I need to know a couple of examples of the names of the files both prior and after the rename.

15/05-16 12:30