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#1 : 03/05-16 18:38
Gene Timofeev
Gene Timofeev
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I downloaded this file renamer software which is great if i want to name all pics at once but for the CSV spreadsheet with image concatenate formula to import to my software and assign pics to appropriate item the pic names for each item would have to be grouped in alphabetic sequence and i am not seeing how to do this in your software. So let's say i have folder with 100 items with set number of 6 pics per item .. so lets say total of 600 images in folder...
example of what names I need are;

Item 1 : 37-1a,1b,1c,1d,1e,1f …
Item 2: 37-2a,2b,2c,2d,2e,2f ...
Item 3: 37-3a,3b,3c,3d,3e,3f ...
Item 4: 37-4a,4b,4c,4d,4e,4f ...
... though ...
Item 600: 37-600a,600b,600c,600d,600e,600f ...

The only way I see to rename in software is 1a,2b,3c,4d,5e,6h..and once alpha hits Z it gives me error. Iv been playing with your programs but don't see how to accomplish what I need. Unless I am not pushing the correct buttons?! I checked forums and don't see any help.

Basically i need to rename every 6 pics in a group with alpha suffix but do all 600 pics at same time. I am open to putting separators between letter and number or any suggestions you have that can accomplish similar task. The goal is for me to put these into a SV file and click import to software to have all pics load automatically and save me 40 min of manual loading labor.

Sincerely Thank you for your help!

03/05-16 18:38
#2 : 08/06-16 08:19
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:

I would suggest a python script for this, I think I understand, but could you rephrase the explanation? Give your original file names, what you want them to looks like after the rename, what the .csv file needs to look like and what software needs to open the csv file.

Here is what I understood. You have a numbered image sequence that you're trying to open in a software. You found out that you can open the sequence automatically if you generate a .CSV text file with files grouped with a number, and each item in the group sequenced with an alpha.

You say it doesnt work because the first file has to have special characters in front of it that the other items in the group do not, and the alpha code needs to go beyond 26 items.

So your original sequence is (example) :


You want to specify the group size, which is 6 here, and to rename the files to look like something like this:

and then be able to make, with the list of files, a CSV text file that looks like this (inside the file):



I think a python script would do the rename quite easily, and would generate the CSV file at the same time, no need to generate it by going thought a spreadsheet editor.

What do you say? If this interest you, just send me a quick e-mail at


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