Settings don't show everything (win7)

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#1 : 24/05-11 22:26
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I just installed the new version because I was happy to read that I could now add all subfolders to rename.
Unfortunately my Settings dialog don't look like this from your user guide ( ettings_dialog.gif)

The option for "explorer context menu" is only blank. I don't really need the context option but I REALLY need the option to add subfolders without going through them one by one and hold strg. I have to rename so many.
I have windows 7 with 64bit
I hope you could help me.

Thanks for your great programm,

24/05-11 22:26
#2 : 25/05-11 08:29
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you are running a 64 bit Windows the explorer context menu will not work. That feature is only for 32 bit Windows.
But the explore context menu is only one of many ways to add files to Advanced Renamer. You can also drag files or folders from explorer onto a running Advanced Renamer window. When you drop the items a window will ask you how you want to add the items.

25/05-11 08:29
#3 : 25/05-11 15:27
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WOHOO that's sooo cool! Thanks for the tip! It works perfectly.
I love your program!

25/05-11 15:27