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#1 : 30/05-11 04:36
Elaine Livingston
Elaine Livingston
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I saw the older message for this. I am using several different photo programs trying to decide which one I like best. In Windows 7 and in PMB Vaio, I can change the date taken and it shows in Windows, and PMB and ACDSee (Ver 5), but it does not show in Advanced Renamer. As a matter of interest though, in ACDSee the details show a "Date Taken" and a "Date Digitized". The "Date Digitized is the one that is showing in AR as "Date Taken" I can't fnd it displayed anywhere else. Maybe this can clear up some confusion for you.

30/05-11 04:36
#2 : 30/05-11 19:38
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I think the programs using dates from Exif tags in Jpeg files use the tags very differently. I have through time used several of the tags in hope of finding the most correct one to use. I think the solution is to make an option in the settings windows where you can choose bewteen Date Taken, Date Digitized and Date Original. If I do that I think it will work for the most people.

30/05-11 19:38