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#1 : 06/06-16 00:21
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I'm looking for assistance with accomplishing the following..

1) Rename all files within a folder to: YearMonthDayTime_Increment.*


2) Move the files into folders named: Year\Month\Year_Month_Day

So I would wind up with files in folders that look like..


Anyone already doing this?


06/06-16 00:21
#2 : 08/06-16 01:03
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Here is a small python script that does exactly that (custom made)

let me know if you need some help installing and using python to run the script, my e-mail is in the script itself

the script is static (meaning it'll do the same job on the same folder specified in the script) but I could make it dynamic with command line parameters, so it could be used in a QTabBars shortcut for example, and be run on any selected folder in windows explorer

oh, and yes, this script was written to work on windows, for python 2.7, I dunno if it'll work with other setups.


08/06-16 01:03
#3 : 08/06-16 16:11
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Wow, thanks, Guillaume! That's so close to what I'm looking for, but I'd like to get the dates/times of when the photos were taken instead of the date/time that the script was run..

08/06-16 16:11
#4 : 08/06-16 20:55
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Lol, I didn't knew that, well, if you could send me an e-mail with *everything* you need, I'll add the exif reading module to the script (python has everything, really), and compile it into an exe if you want.

If you really want to run the script uncompiled (and that would be perfectly understandable), there probably is a small procedure to install python 2.7, and the modules (ExifRead in that case) to make it work on your system, but again, if this is too intimidating for you and you trust me, I can make a standalone exe file.

would prefer e-mail because the forum doesn't alert me if someone replies to a thread


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#5 : 10/06-16 08:03
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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If someone is looking for something similar, involving classifing, moving, renaming files based on exif or other kind of metadata that the application exiftool support (which is like every possible file you can imagine with metadata), here is the python script that solve the problem above.

AdvancedRenamer uses exiftool also to get metadata (according to exiftool website anyway), but if for some reason, the problem is too complex for AR & AR scripts, take a look at this python script, might be easy to modify for your needs..

feel free to use, modify, etc

10/06-16 08:03