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Hello -

I want to rename multiple images using the New Name method. There are four parts to each file name including:

Element #1: Series Number (stored in Excel sheet and the same for every image)
Element #2: ID Number (stored in Excel sheet and different for every image)
Element #3: Static text to read "PIC"
Element #4: Static text to read "1"

Here's the pattern I created in Advanced Renamer:


Here now is an example of how data is stored in the Excel sheet:

File Name Series ID
testA.jpg 234 98765
testB.jpg 234 5642
testC.jpg 234 33371

What I can't figure out is how to I link the first two data elements in the Excel file with the new image file names I want to create for TestA, B and C?

This is ultimately what I want:

TestA.jpg should be renamed as..... 234_98765_PIC_1.jpg
TestB.jpg should be renamed as..... 234_5642_PIC_1.jpg
TestC.jpg should be renamed as..... 234_33371_PIC_1.jpg

Thank you for any help.

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G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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try this python script, should do the job:


glambany@gmail.com if you have any questions
I had some instructions written, but lost it because of the timeout on the forum login .. : /


16/06-16 11:04