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#1 : 14/06-16 05:08
Anupam Kumar Yadav
Anupam Kumar Yadav
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i just want to rename .jad files to .java files recursively in a folder..how can i do this with your software?i dont want to change the file names..please reply ASAP..

14/06-16 05:08
#2 : 14/06-16 22:31
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
if I understand properly, you want to rename all .jad files to .java in a folder and all its subdirectories, right?

Just add the root folder in AR, a pop-up window will ask what you want to do with the folder, select the option "add the files in the folders" check "subfolders" write "*.jad" in the filter mask.

Now that all the files are listed in AR, simply add a "replace" method:

Text to be replaced: jad
replace with : java
Apply to: Extension


14/06-16 22:31