search space and move content of a file name... (DP) (DU)

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#1 : 03/06-11 20:49
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please help
I need to move part of the file name (DP) (DU) and add in it after the second space, i write examples:

(current file)
DP MARR CAB38-TG12 51495 Rev01.pdf
DU TOR Tabualdor 256 Rev00.pdf

(required file)
MARR CAB38-TG12 DP 51495 Rev01.pdf
TOR Tabualdor DU 256 Rev00.pdf

Note: I can not use methods "replace" or "move"because the number of characters is different in each file.

I await your prompt response, thank you for your time invested in my problems thank you very much

Note: My native language is Spanish, sorry for the bad English

03/06-11 20:49
#2 : 05/06-11 10:25
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Based on popular demand I am extending the Move Method in the next release. Today you specify "move from", "move count", and "move to" as numbers. In the next release you can also specify a search string in these fields. I am also planning to allow a search pattern instead of a search string, but if that is released in the next or the following version is uncertain at this point.
I hope to release the next version as a beta in a couple of weeks.

05/06-11 10:25