change date section of file name

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#1 : 27/06-16 19:41
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I am new to this program.

I have a large number of files going back several years with the name format:

Category - Title - Author (mmddyyyy) - progress

I want to change the (mmddyyyy) to (yyyymmdd)

Some files have different date revisions and status, so there are a lot.

Can you suggest the best way to do this?

27/06-16 19:41
#2 : 28/06-16 21:43
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Try this Replace Method:

Text to be replaced: \((\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{4})\)
Replace with: ($3$1$2)
Use regular expression: Tick
Apply to: Name

Look for an opening bracket (escaped by the \ character as it's a reserved character) followed by 2 digits (i.e. month in group 1), another 2 digits (i.e. day in group 2), followed by 4 digits (i.e. year in group 3), followed by a closing bracket (which also need to be escaped by the \ character).

Replace this pattern with an opening bracket, followed by group 3 (year), then group 1 (month), group 2 (day) and finally a closing bracket.

28/06-16 21:43