insert hyphen in: yyyy-mmdd_01 to yyyy-mm-dd_01

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#1 : 05/07-16 03:10
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I am new to this program and it seems like an awsome program! thanks to the developpers!

I want to insert a hyphen inbetween mm and dd in:
yyyy-mmdd_01.jpg to yyyy-mm-dd_01.jpg

I tried some things I found in the forum:
I tried
201.-.... to 201.-..-..
(for 2016-0512_04) but I guess it doesn't work like that

I have tried several combinations, but it stops recognizing the syntax when I add a hyphen
How can I insert a hyphen?
What is the right syntax to take all 2016, 2015, 2014, .... if it is not "201." nor "201*" ?

Also, can I take the yyyy from the title and add as a tag? (I can just open another thread if it is one question per post)


05/07-16 03:10
#2 : 06/07-16 02:48
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Method: Replace
Text to be replaced: (^\d{4}-\d{2})(.+)
Replace with: \1-\2
Occurence: 1st
Use regular expressions checked
apply to: doesn't matter

to take a part of the filename and write an exif tag into the file? is that what I'm understanding? If so, I don't think andvanced renamer can do that, but I could be wrong. This is the kind of stuff you can only do in a script I think, with exiftool as a base to it, since it can read and write into exif tags from the command line (usable by a script).


06/07-16 02:48