Load list of files at startup

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#1 : 27/07-16 14:09
J. Surbuman
J. Surbuman
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let me thank you for this excellent program first! :)

I regularly have to rename files listed in a text file (full paths). But loading the text file manually requires a few repetitive clicks everytime.
Is there a scriptable way to quickly load my list.txt into the main program (similar to the -i or -l parameter method in arenc.)?
Thank you for your time!

27/07-16 14:09
#2 : 28/07-16 15:22
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I have the same question, bascially.
Although in a more direct way, using the -f parameter, to load files directly into the GUI.
If possible also the -e <myPreset.aren> parameter.

This would allow to preview what's going to happen (in contrast to the fully automated arenc commandline), and it would be a great startup entry point, from where to fine-tune an almost-fitting preset to the situation at hand.

28/07-16 15:22