Preset Favorites instead of MRU

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#1 : 28/07-16 12:40
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The dropdown can be quite confusing, because
- it shows presets that don't exist anymore (deleted or renamed)
- the positions keep shifting around. MostRecentlyUsed always on top, which makes sense, but also means you have to look out for favorite stuff at ever new positions.

My suggestion:
Turn the dropdown into a favorite list, to which the user can add the currently used preset, if he thinks he might need it again soon. No need to wait 10 sessions (mostly much longer) before a rarely used set finally drops out.

This list should sort A-Z, to allow user his personal naming scheme (_prefixes) to spot favorites faster - or rank them in order.

28/07-16 12:40 - edited 28/07-16 15:44