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#1 : 10/08-16 14:14
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Hi there

Latest version used (3.72) and this has always failed for me: right click on a directory, "Add to Advanced Renamed", on the popup select "Add the files in the folders" and check "Include subfolders", make sure the filename mask matches something : Advanced Renamer starts with an empty list.

Same result if I drag and drop a folder onto Advanced Renamer directly.

Hints ?

10/08-16 14:14
#2 : 10/08-16 16:48
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Not sure what is wrong, but maybe tell us what OS you're using, and if the problem happens even on simple folders (few subfolders, files that aren't media files, etc). Try making a synthetic test of manually created folder and subfolders with empty text files copied all over, and if it works, then work up by adding some of the problematic folder until is stops working, then you'll know where it fails.

What I understand of AE, is that it scans all the files that are added for metadata, to support tags inside the rename methods. So, if there is an error during the scan, you'll probably end up with an empty list..

I'm just guessing, I don't know exactly how AE is built.. so, just my 2 cents

One way you could also try, is to use windows explorer (assuming you are on windows 7 and up) search box with the following search query (inside the folder you want to):

* NOT Type:folder

I'll list all files only, then just drag and drop them into AE. Probably won't work if the problem is in the scan part of AE, but it'll let you skip the folder part of AE, and also let you select an incrementally larger number of files to test out when AE fails.


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