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#1 : 24/06-11 20:43
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I have released Advanced Renamer 3.10 Beta today. The release is primarily based on feedback I have gotten here on the forum and by e-mail. A lot of people have been writing with renaming problems that could not be solved or were very difficult to solve. I have tried to make Advanced Renamer more suited for some of these renaming problems.
I have not found solutions for all problems however. I really wanted a release soon so I decided that enough was enough and got the release out the door.

I hope you will help me test the beta before it goes final. The Internet is filled with people better suited for testing software than me. Translations and the user guide will be updated for the final release in about two weeks time.

Check out what is new here:

Download the beta here:

24/06-11 20:43