Reversing Names

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#1 : 24/06-11 22:59
Gordon Hamm
Gordon Hamm
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I have a list of map names that I want to batch convert and put the number first and the name second, For Example: Cranberry River 103P10.tif to
103P10 Cranberry River.tif.
How do I do the renaming in AdvancedRenamer ?

24/06-11 22:59
#2 : 24/06-11 23:35
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
The best way is probably to use regular expressions in the Replace method. Note of warning though, regular expressions are an advanced user feature.

1. Add your files
2. Clear all methods
3. Add Replace method
4. Test to be replaced: (.*) ([^ ]*$)
5. Replace with: \2 \1
6. Check on Use Regular Expressions
7. Set Apply To to name

That should do it. It will take the last word and move it to the front.

24/06-11 23:35