[SOLVED] Separating two words with a space?

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#1 : 31/08-16 12:25
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Probably a simple and stupid question but I need a help on how to insert a space between words, example from

"7. TubbyFeralCat"


"7. Tubby Feral Cat".

I thinkI need to insert a space before a capital letter only if the previous letter is not a capital one, so that the first word is not affected, but after an hour I couldn't figured how to do it using the regular expression. I were only able to do basic operation such as adding or removing letters on fixed location. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: Sorry someone just asked this before and their answer worked, my bad for not reading. Please delete this thread thanks.

Replace: ([^\s])([A-Z])
with: $1 $2
Tick: Case Sensitive and Use Regular Expression

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