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#1 : 21/09-16 21:11
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My handicam transfers videos to external hard drives naming each .MTS with a sequential number.
From what I understand the actual date of the recording is contained in a .cpi file with the same name. Is there any way for AdvancedRenamer to access the actual recording date stored in the .CPI file?
Could AdvancedRenamer rename the .MTS file along with the .CPI file?


21/09-16 21:11
#2 : 21/09-16 23:31
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
I would try with exiftool gui first to see if it can read the datetimecreated from the mts files, directly. if it does, you can do your rename with regular tags in AR, on the mts directly.

if it doesn't, try the cpi file in exiftool gui, and if does, we could try with a script method in AR to take the date from another file (cpi) to rename the mts file.

also, there probably is a way to convert (merge) your mts/cpi to a more regular format while preserving the metadata.. then you could rename them with regular tags in AR..


21/09-16 23:31
#3 : 22/09-16 19:31
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Thank you.

ExifTool doesn't read the contents of the .cpi file, instead it reports the date the files were transferred.
Both AdvancedRenamer and ExifTools report the <ExifTool:FileCreateDate> and <ExifTool:FileModifyDate> as both = the date transfered.

I did find that the .mts files include <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> wich corresponds to the filming date.

I would like to keep the file and folder structure.
From what I have read the .mts files (in STREAM folder) may only be linked to the .cpi files (in CLIPINF folder) by sharing the same name.

I could use AdvancedRenamer to rename the .mts files.
How would I rename the coresponding .clp and other files that share the same original name as the .mts?

22/09-16 19:31
#4 : 22/09-16 19:39
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Can AdvancedRenamer change the <ExifTool:FileCreateDate> to the <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>?

Timestamp looks like it changes dates but doesn't have <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> as an option.

22/09-16 19:39
#5 : 22/09-16 21:02
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I make a shortcut to
C:\Users\PC\Downloads\exiftoolgui516\exiftoolgui\exiftool.exe "-DateTimeOriginal<FileCreateDate" -k
(I got the "-DateTimeOriginal<FileCreateDate" from this forum.)

Exiftools does not yet support .mts write.

22/09-16 21:02
#6 : 23/09-16 01:46
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #5:
Not sure if this is exactly what you want, but I wrote this script:


you need to paste the code into a script method, and put the method option "apply to" to name and extension..

it gets the date time original from the file, and if it's not available, steal it from the previous or next file in the list, if it has one and has the same name.

Again, not really pretty or efficient, didn't test it much also, but it's a good start

let me know how that goes


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