ARen 3.73 fails to read metadata from too many files & questions

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#1 : 10/10-16 17:52
Alexandre L.
Alexandre L.
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I'm using Advanced Renamer to rename my photos and videos, and with latest version when I add too many photos, it fails reading metadatas after like ~100 files, so new filename cannot be set.

Eg. :

This happen with simple rename rule. But I had a similar problem using ExifToolValue on many items, when there are too many of them, I have a message in the error column about a temporary file.

Could you fix those 2 issues ? I know the first one is not present in 3.70, but I use the list replace feature you introduced. I don't know about se second one.

Also, I noticed some GPSAltitude with 0 value, and it seems there's no way to verify if it's a 0 value, or if it's undefined, like (typeof item.gpsAltitude == "undefined"), so I tried using ((item.exifToolValue("GPSAltitude")) ? ","+to_alt(item.exifToolValue("GPSAltitude")) : "") but I triggered the Exif bug I mentionned earlier :(.
Could you provide a way to check for altitude ? Or maybe I missed the way to check ?

And finally, I noticed there's at least 3 exif datetime you can pick in settings, so far I think it's :
taken : <ExifTool:ModifyDate>
digitized : <ExifTool:CreateDate>
original : <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal>
Am I right ? I couldn't find confirmation in the doc maybe you could add it ?

Is there a place to share some preset maybe ? This forum ?

Also, by curiosity, might this software go opensource ?

Anyway, thanks for this tool, very useful when you know how to use it :)

10/10-16 17:52