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#1 : 22/10-16 19:53
Jochen Damm
Jochen Damm
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I like your software for several years now but I think something is missing.

You can use tags in lists and replace methods but not vice versa. I organise plenty of self recorded video materials and broadcasted series. The original names are not memorisable and don't follow any pattern (because of the wide range of resources used). Sometimes I had to rename files up to three thimes in a row to have equal naming schemata including titles. For example I renamed files with the same resource first so that they are equal enough to handle with list replace.

Hope for this: List with Number as reference like <List:1>, <List Word:3:7> for the third Word of the line in list 7, <List Substr:POS:COUNT:START:LIST#>, <Used Num:X:Y:POS:PADDING> taken from file name like the first number in name or from defined renumber method

Example List #1 (or New Name Method):
Series A - <Used Num:1:1:3:auto> - <List:3> - <List Word:4:2>
<List:2> - <Used Num:1:1:3:auto> - <List:3> - <List Word:4:2>, new

In addition I use some patterns in (List) Replace method all the time for returning tasks so I'd like to save and open them that I dont have them to type every time again.

I hope you understand that mess. This is far more advanced and I don't know if it might helpful to other people but in my opinion it is a must have feature. Thank you for all until now.

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