Problem with import rename methods

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#1 : 04/07-11 13:54
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im using AR 2.6.5. Today I found out, there is a Homepage and a new Version *juhu*

After installing version 3.05 I tried to import my rename methods from 2.5.6. But it's not working. I got 100 Errors and could't exit the import window. I had to close AR with ctrl+alt+del

So how can i import my rename methods.

mfg :)


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#2 : 04/07-11 15:11
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Version 2.65 is no longer supported and will not get converted properly. But if you send me your methods file by e-mail I can try to convert it for you and send it back to you. You can find my e-mail-address under the About menu item in the top of this page.

04/07-11 15:11