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#1 : 06/12-16 14:04
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I can't seem to see how I would rename to a set character LENGTH.
For EG
I have a set of filenames that come from a camera. Sometimes I don't alter or edit the prior stored ones (on HDD) before adding some new ones, and any of the same name get added _1, _2, _3 to the filename.

Then I want to rename them with my chosen characters and also a numeric order that is based on the Creation Date. So you select the Created Date column as the sorting method, and then use the Renumber Method.... BUT.... the new filenames still have the _2, _3, _4 etc.
My new name might be 8 characters, but will be renamed with any filename cases that had the _2,_3,_4 etc.
If I could use a "Length Method" I could set it to 8 characters and that would automatically trim the ends off any that are longer (those _2, _3, _4, etc).

In such a method you would also allow choosing the starting offset position, plus have a reverse start option. To allow grabbing the "8" characters from anywhere in a long filename if you needed that.

Other than this addition, is there any way to achieve this as of now anyway?

06/12-16 14:04
#2 : 06/12-16 14:12
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Reply to #1:
Oh.... Remove method can do this..... sorry
I didn't raise the Remove Count to a large enough number, nor the Starting At, for what I was doing.
Dumbo, lol

06/12-16 14:12