Refresh button (F5) not working ?

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#1 : 15/07-11 07:03
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Hi Kim,

Whilst having a number of files listed in AR, I deleted one of them whilst using Explorer that was running in the background.

However, I noticed that F5 and/or the Refresh button did not remove the file from the AR-list (even when I untagged the file)

-sending the files to AR (context menu: SendTo:)
-first launching AR and then opening the files

in both scenarios refresh does not clear the deleted file from the list.

Is this the intended behaviour, or did I come accross a minor bug in your wonderful program ..? (using

Keep up the good work!

15/07-11 07:03
#2 : 15/07-11 09:21
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
That is intended behavior. If you delete a file in explorer you have to delete it manually from advanced renamer.

15/07-11 09:21