How to copy content of brackets from folder names into the beginning of the same folder names?

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#1 : 18/12-16 15:38
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Hello everyone! I want to copy bracket content from folder names into the beginning of the same folder names, but i don't know how can i do that.

For instance i have such folders:


What im trying to do is to copy those brackets into the beginning of folder names and then massively rename those folders, so they will look like this:

(1001) name-name-(1001)-2010
(1002) name-name-(1002)-2010
(1003) name-name-(1003)-2010
(1004) name-name-(1004)-2010

How can i do that? Is there any pattern that includes only what is inside brackets? Thanks in advance! :)

18/12-16 15:38
#2 : 19/12-16 05:56
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Method: replace
Text to be replaced: (.+)(\(.+\))(.+)
Replace with: \2 \1\2\3
Occurence: 1st
case sensitive: unchecked
Use regular expressions: checked

19/12-16 05:56
#3 : 19/12-16 08:26
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Thank you! This is exactly what i wanted to do, works perfectly. :)

19/12-16 08:26