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#1 : 23/12-16 02:04
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I have photos from two different cameras. The time was set incorrectly on one of the cameras. I want to rename all files using <IMG YEAR><IMG MONTH><IMG DAY>_<IMG HOUR><IMG MIN><IMG SEC>, but for the photos from the camera with the wrong time I want to add XX minutes in the new file name. How do I do that?



23/12-16 02:04
#2 : 26/12-16 21:07
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Here, I coded a limited script that will accept a second, minute and hour offset to add to the already existing datetimeoriginal of an exif tag

the three first constants are where you need to input the offset.

const OFFSET_SEC = 0;
const OFFSET_MIN = 0;
const OFFSET_HR = 0;

like so:

const OFFSET_SEC = 20;
const OFFSET_MIN = 28;
const OFFSET_HR = 1;

you can put more than 60 seconds and more than 60 minutes, but negative values will have limited support. I could code it to support them, but right now it is not designed to.


26/12-16 21:07
#3 : 05/03-17 23:18
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Oh man! I totally forgot about that! I just looked at it now - 3 months later! But that is exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot!


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