rename file name with increasing numbers

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#1 : 23/12-16 10:38
anand aggarwal
anand aggarwal
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hi i have images which comes under random names
we rename them like
and so on
not able to do this using advanced renamer..
can anyone help me in getting this done where i just put the first file number and have all rest numbers in place
pls help
thanks for the reply to all you would be helpful in advance..
apologies if i m asking a funny question :(


23/12-16 10:38
#2 : 23/12-16 21:22
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
This is a rather weird and not that fool proof method of doing it, but it works:

method: Replace
Text to be replaced: .+
Replace with: <Inc Nr:742001241:1>000
Occurence: 1st
case sensitive: unchecked
Use regular expressions: Checked

if this isn't enough, could also do that in a script with a more flexible and smarter handling of things, but only if this one doesn't fully do what you want.


23/12-16 21:22