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#1 : 23/12-16 20:40
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My music collection uses a format in Windows filenames, that gives me easy use with several audio programs. I used other programs to create that format, but they don't work anymore in Windows 10.

The format is: Artist Name (YYYY-Album Name-Tracknumber) - Song title

I want to see: ARTIST NAME (YYYY-Album Name-Tracknumber) - Song title

I use a Dutch version of AdvancedRenamer, so I hope I translate the following in an understandable way.

Using the Replace Character function (lower left of the main screen) I managed to get the field "Text to be replaced" right: <Substr:1:(> and that removes the artist name in the New Filename column,
but can't find what to put in the "Replace by" field.
I simply want the selected text from <Substr:1:(> to appear in capitals. I have been searching for two days now.

Who can help me? Thanks!

23/12-16 20:40
#2 : 23/12-16 21:16
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Method: New Case
Set pattern to upper case: Selected
Pattern: .+\(
Use regular expression: Checked

23/12-16 21:16
#3 : 24/12-16 23:18
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Thank you, it works perfectly!

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.


24/12-16 23:18
#4 : 28/12-16 07:13
Marc Kiger
Marc Kiger
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#5 : 29/12-16 06:39
Adrian Cesena
Adrian Cesena
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Hello there,

I am a newbie in terms of renaming files. All I can tell you is that that for me Tag&Rename is the best program out there to rename music files. Very intuitive and easy to use. I liked it so much that I purchased it a couple of years ago. The best program to rename photos and videos is this one (AR). My only one complaint is that it doesn't rename big batches of files, only around 300 at the time (unless there is something wrong with my PC). I'd like to make a donation to AR but I did not find a link to do that. I would buy Kim a six-pack for his hard work.


29/12-16 06:39