Forum search does not work beyond page 1

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#1 : 15/01-17 12:10
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When performing a search on a word (e.g. pattern) the forum brings back 3 pages of results. However, when you click on the hyperlink to get to page 2 or 3 (basically any page other than the first one), the search resets and it shows the results of all entries in the forum instead.

Just discovered a little workaround that works:
Your URL will look something like this: orum_cat_id=1&search=pattern

Just append this to the URL to go to whichever page you want. E.g. to get to page 2, add this:

So the full URL would be this: orum_cat_id=1&search=pattern&pag e=2

Would be nice to fix the forum search feature though at some point.

15/01-17 12:10