[Software] Move file/folders to another folder based on a list.txt

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#1 : 21/01-17 19:37
Neriton Djonne
Neriton Djonne
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First of all i'm a really big fan of Advanced Renamer.

But i was looking for a software or function to move files from a folder to another folder unsing a list of names.

Currunt i'm unsing this "run.bat"

cd G:\client
for /f "delims=" %%L in (G:\client.txt) do move "%%L" G:\Client

It's works verywell. But folders or files with special characters won't be move.

Like "é" "ç" "ã" "í" etc. "ação" for example. "joão" etc etc.

I was looking for a better script or even a funtion for that!!

I tried with adavance rename but i complete lost my self with so many function!!

21/01-17 19:37
#2 : 21/01-17 21:06
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Just use the "List" button in the file list list part of the interface and load your text file there

then put AR in move mode instead of rename


21/01-17 21:06
#3 : 22/01-17 01:32
Neriton Djonne
Neriton Djonne
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Thank you for your help.

But i tried it before i can't make to work.

Can you explain better.

22/01-17 01:32
#4 : 22/01-17 02:15
Neriton Djonne
Neriton Djonne
Posts: 3
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I solve my problem with my run.bat

I just need to salve my list.txt with UTF 8 instead of default ANSI

22/01-17 02:15