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#1 : 22/01-17 04:08
Richard Blackmoore
Richard Blackmoore
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I have created a web-page and I now wish to change the URL extension name from .jpg to .pdf. How do I go about this.
Example as follows:-
<A ref="pages/231 Poors Manual 1868 pg 222.jpg" target="_new"> etc.
<A ref="pages/232 Poors Manual 1868 pg 223.jpg" target="_new"> etc.
<A ref="pages/233 Poors Manual 1868 pg 224.jpg" target="_new"> etc.
<A ref="pages/234 Poors Manual 1868 pg 225.jpg" target="_new"> etc.
<A ref="pages/235 Poors Manual 1868 pg 226.jpg" target="_new"> etc.

With the above example, I have about 500 to change from jpg to read pdf. Can I do this in Advanced Renamer and if so how?

Many thanks in advance
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22/01-17 04:08
#2 : 22/01-17 15:01
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
Open the web page in your favorite text editor, search and replace, search for ".jpg" replace with ".pdf"?

Am I missing something, because this seems like a pretty basic thing


22/01-17 15:01