renaming folders after a file contained within.

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#1 : 25/01-17 01:04
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so I have a series of folders, lets say there's 500 of them. and one is named "pack_5_c99118" half of them identify the contents inside by a PNG banner, which is properly named. for this example "Dance Dance Revolution STRIKE (PS2) (Japan).png"

I would like to batch run to check if there is a PNG in the folder, (ignoring any images in the sub-folders) and rename the folder the name of the PNG if there is one, and rename it "Unknown #" with ascending numbers if there is not one.

does anyone know if this is something I could theoretically set up through AdvancedRenamer? and how to set it up to do so? I would greatly appreciate the help. going through 500 folders manually is my only other option. and while I could do it manually, I would much rather make use of this complex and (oh my god, thank you for this part) free program to do so.

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