Renaming files based on another filename

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#1 : 30/01-17 12:35
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I am trying to rename, say, all images contained in a folder, based on a docx contained in a different subfolder.
Is this something I can do with AdvancedRenamer?

Thank you.

30/01-17 12:35
#2 : 30/01-17 19:07
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Humm, you'll have to be a little more specific.

Is it the docx filename you want to use multiple times on other files, or the same number of docx files you want to copy on another list of files ?

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#3 : 31/01-17 11:51
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Thanks for answering!
I want ONE docx filename to be used to rename multiple graphic files (with incrementing numbers so as not to have duplicates of course).

31/01-17 11:51
#4 : 31/01-17 15:17
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Well, the simpler answer would be to create a method like this one, and manually enter the filename you want (or copy-paste it):

method: replace
Text to be replaced: .+
Replace with: filenameyouwant_<Inc Nr:1>
Use regular expression: checked

Or, you could first put the .docx in the AR file list, then add all the other files you want with the same name, using this simple script:

the script simply uses the first file name in the AR list to rename all the others. It leaves the first file intact btw. AR should keep the files in order you have drag-and-dropped them in the list... isn't it nice? : )


31/01-17 15:17