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#1 : 07/08-11 02:11
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Dear Kim,

Please take a look at this problem. I created 2 methods for renaming. First method I use as "list method" & second method I use "Add method". This will rename and change the "file extension" because in the list I don't put file extension.

When I applied these 2 methods, it will change file name and apply the file extesion that I've wanted them to be. But, It change the file extension in the wrong place. Some how, the add method change the extension after the "period" in the file name (anywhere if the file name contains a period in it).

Methods for rename = 2

1 - "List Method" is straight forward - no problem
2 - "Add Method"
a- "add" field, I input ".mp4"
b- "At index" field, I choose "0" (regarding changing the extension right after the period)
c- "Apply to", I choose "extension"


Before --"MCD01 - The Time For Love - John J. Walker" (noticed, there is no extension & artist name has a initial with a period.)

After--"MCD01 - The Time For Love - John J.mp4. Walker" (noticed, the mp4 is in the wrong place. It seems like the app. is looking for a "period" not the extension.)

I love the AR. It's still my best choice.


07/08-11 02:11
#2 : 07/08-11 13:56
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Have you tried setting the "Backwards" checkbox to checked? That will make sure the extension is added to the end. You might need to set "Apply to" to "Name and extension".

07/08-11 13:56
#3 : 14/08-11 21:20
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Beautiful, I knew you'd have a solution. I works great ... Thank you so much. :_)


14/08-11 21:20