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#1 : 14/02-17 02:40
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I have just starting using this great program and on my first effort I have a small problem.

I have a large number of files that are similarly named, eg

Broadwater [2014].mp4 and wanted to change them to 2014 - Broadwater.mp4

So I used the following methods to rename:
NEW NAME: 2014 - <Name>

REPLACE: Text to be replaced: [2014]
Replace with: (I left this blank as I didn't want anything to replace the date)

My issue is that now my file names are: 2014 - Broadwater .mp4
There is now a space after the name and before the extension.

Would someone mind explaining:
1: What I did wrong
2: How I can batch remove the space

Thanks in advance for any assistance



14/02-17 02:40
#2 : 14/02-17 04:43
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
simply add a space before the [2014] in your replace method (which is in fact a remove pattern method, since your replacing with nothing)

if you need something more flexible (for example, taking anything between [] and putting it at the beginning of the filename while removing the []) let us know. Yes, it can be done in just one method, quite easily.


14/02-17 04:43