Can I export the result of the Batch rename feature to text for preview/checking?

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#1 : 20/02-17 19:25
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi
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I have a need to batch rename hundreds of files in a specific format. I want to use Load List to load all the files in the program from a text file.

Is there a way to Export the new file names as a delimited (csv) file with original and new file names as the delimited values? Or even as a text file containing a list with the new files names?

I need to check whether the new files names are as I want them to be for all the files before I commit such a huge batch.

Thanks, and I hope I was clear enough.

20/02-17 19:25
#2 : 20/02-17 21:45
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Yes, you can. Just right the list and select Save List.

20/02-17 21:45
#3 : 20/02-17 21:56
Rey Kenobi
Rey Kenobi
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Reply to #2:

Thanks a lot! That worked.

Note: Save to text saves only the original filename, where as if you want to save the new filename also, you need to save as csv. But since that is what I wanted anyway, no complaints.

20/02-17 21:56