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#1 : 11/08-11 17:00
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I run Advanced Renamer 3.05 portable (in italian) on a desktop OS Win7 Home Premium, with no problem at all. I have decided to try vers. 3.11 portable in a folder on partition D: and following are the outcomes:
1. i click ARen.exe to open the prog and i get an error screen: “Unable to write to D:\Advanced Renamer 3.11\Data\Settings.ini” - i click OK and program starts to work.
2. when i close the prog clicking the upper left X button, another error screen: “Access violation at address 0050FEA in module ARen.exe. Read of address 000000000”.

Just for a test i downloaded and tried the installable version receiving again both errors.
OS on the pc is stable and i wonder if such errors are due to problems concerning compatibility with vers. 3.11 (i run prog as adminstrator).
I have also gone through the “forum” to find a solution but to no avail. Anyway, my compliments for this wonderful program and if no solution available i'll keep with 3.05.
Ciao to all.

11/08-11 17:00
#2 : 12/08-11 09:02
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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That seems very odd. I am not aware of anyone else having the same problem. I have tested version 3.11 on Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit. What kind of drive is your D drive? Is it a network drive or a USB stick? Have you tried putting Advanced Renamer on the C drive instead?

12/08-11 09:02
#3 : 12/08-11 14:05
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Hi Kim,
D:\ is a partition in the same hard disk with C:\. However, solved the problem. I only had to set Comodo firewall to allow ARen.exe to connect the Web permanently. Many thanks for your prompt reply. No paypal, but could donation be mailed in envelope?

12/08-11 14:05