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#1 : 05/03-17 21:10
Giles Forrest
Giles Forrest
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Is there any way on updating the timestamp based on the following pattern:


I've tried using

<Year>-<Month>-<Day> (<Hour>.<Min>.<Sec>)

But the parentheses seem to throw it out...



05/03-17 21:10
#2 : 05/03-17 23:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I can see there is a problem handling some special chars in the pattern. Try to use this pattern instead:
<Year>-<Month>-<Day> \(<Hour>\.<Min>\.<Sec>\)

I will fix this so that it will no longer be needed to escape the (, ) and .. The next version (due in a couple of days), you will no longer need to escape.

05/03-17 23:08
#3 : 06/03-17 00:06
Giles Forrest
Giles Forrest
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Reply to #2:
Great, thanks Kim!

06/03-17 00:06