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#1 : 16/03-17 08:53
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hi i love the advanced renamer to change the name or extension.

one good function for me is to read exif meta data (<ExifTool:FileCreateDate>) and include it by writing into the name.

but i want also to overwrite to an other Meta exif data as an example (<ExifTool:MediaModifyDate>)

is the a possibility to apply that or only on name or extension.

i read allready the info and link to exiftool but i hope the is a chance.

best reagards chris

16/03-17 08:53
#2 : 16/03-17 21:43
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you want to update EXIF meta data you might want to take a look at the new metadata feature of Advanced Renamer. It is not very well documented yet, but you find it by clicking the "Metadata" menu option. Upcoming version will likely get more features related to this functionality.

You can read a little about in the section "Metadata batch write" here

The user guide will soon be updated with more information regarding this functionality.

16/03-17 21:43
#3 : 18/03-17 19:13
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Hey Kim

Metadata batch write is only avalible in registred version . so i dont know is that what i want possilbe or not. but i can test only after paying....

18/03-17 19:13