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#1 : 24/03-17 23:20
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My apologies if I am missing it in the documentation somewhere but I am unable to locate it.

Goal: Rename a file based on a value within the file name. Basically I would like to use criteria.

WHERE FileName LIKE (*_223_*) THEN prepend Agent1
WHERE FileName LIKE (*_108_*) THEN prepend Agent2
WHERE FileName LIKE (*_600_*) THEN prepend Agent3

Example 1:
Before: 2017-03-22T070740_CallFrom_223_To_6033962875.WAV
After: Agent1_2017-03-22T070740_CallFrom_223_To_6033962875.WAV

Example 2:
Before: 2017-03-22T071230_CallFrom_108_To_7576925652.WAV
After: Agent2_2017-03-22T071230_CallFrom_108_To_7576925652.WAV

Example 3:
Before: 2017-03-22T061611_CallFrom_5035551212_To_600.WAV
After: Agent3_2017-03-22T061611_CallFrom_5035551212_To_600.WAV

24/03-17 23:20
#2 : 25/03-17 22:56
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
Try this script:

you can add as much search string/prefix to the array as you want


25/03-17 22:56