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#1 : 18/08-11 15:06
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1. Renaming a list of files, we should do like this:
config the renaming methods,
click the 'Start Batch',
pop up a confirm dialog box,
click Start,
pop up a success information,
click OK,
show the error result dialog box,
click OK.

To finish the renaming process, I need press buttons for four times.

I do think that success information dialog box is unneccessary because the next error result dialog box also contains the information about that.

And as to me, nearly all the time the renaming process ends without any error, so it's a waste of time to see this "0 error" result every time.

I suggest that you can intergrate the error result dialog box to the main panel next to the "Rename Files" and "Rename Folders". If it needs to show, the application can switch to that tab for users.

2. I find AR will lost responding for a moment when I load some big files for renaming.(for example, 30 * 100M files)
Is that a normal thing or my computer's problem?

Thanks to write this great software at last.

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#2 : 18/08-11 21:50
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It is not the first time I hear that. I am working on a couple of ideas to cut away some of the clicks. Until then you can minimize the clicks with an option in the settings window. Open the settings Window and on the Program tab find and turn on the option called Auto Close Progress Window. When turned on the progress window will automatically disappear if no error in the batch. hp?ident=settings_program

What kind of files did you try to load? And were they located on your local hard drive or on a external source?
If it is image or music files, AR will open the files to search for image or music information. Even if you don't use the features that require these information the information is gathered from the file at add-time.

18/08-11 21:50