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#1 : 26/04-17 03:27
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Is there a way for me to remove all trailing numbers except for some that I specify
I know how to remove all the trailing numbers that's easy enough but there are many instances where I would want trailing numbers to be ignored
For example

Ford Shelby GT500 I would want to not have the 500 removed
Chrysler ME412
Audi S5
As some examples

Also dates I would like to be ignored years specifically but also there are some instances where I would like 2017-04-25 to be ignored for example

I don't know how to specify to remove all trailing number except....


26/04-17 03:27
#2 : 19/05-17 22:57
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So does this mean there's no way to do what I'm trying to do?

19/05-17 22:57
#3 : 23/05-17 20:36
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Are you able to give som examples of the full filename of both files where you want to number to removed and some where you don't want it removed?

23/05-17 20:36
#4 : 24/05-17 04:01
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Ford Shelby GT500.jpg I would want to not have the 500 removed
BMW Z8.jpg
Chrysler ME412.jpg
Audi S5.jpg

All of the examples above are examples of instances where I want to preserve the trailing numbers.

Basically I want ALL trailing numbers to be removed EXCEPT instances I specifically specify such as the examples above.

I've downloaded a large collection of photos from the web using a bulk image downloader and as you may know the names are complete rubbish. So I want to clean them up including removing all the trailing numbers which is often 20 or 30 random numbers. BUT there are of course instances where I do not want to remove the numbers such as those above and dates such as the year for example.

I would want to fix this filename
001 Hennessey Venom GT25466452564623215646
I would want to remove both the leading and the trailing numbers in this case and thousands of others very similar that have a core name I want to retain and get rid of the rest of the crap.

BTW thanks so much for responding this is something I could really use in a lot more instances than the examples I've provided above.

While I'm chatting with the site administrator could I suggest adding a notification function to your site so that when someone responds to your post you get an email so you know it happened.

Also there's not really a practical way of finding your own posts once you've posted them they kind of get lost in a loooooong list of posts and it can take quite a while to find your own post if you can find it at all. It would be VERY helpful if when you post a question or an answer for somebody it shows up in your profile under "My Activity" for example. I have posts I've made in the past and didn't really think about it and they're completely lost to me now. Mr Excel has a useful function like this so you can find the threads you're currently involved in.

Just a suggestion.

24/05-17 04:01