Add a space to numbers appended to duplicate names

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#1 : 26/04-17 04:42
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You know when AR appends an incrementing number to a filename, I've found that when it does this you can't work with the number that's been added.
What I mean by this is there are 2 scenarios at play. The first is when an incrementing number is added to an existing filename and the second is when the entire filename has been removed by methods in the method list.

In the first case I want a space to be added before the number which I do in the separator box BUT when I do this it messes with the second case by adding a space before the number which is the only name for the file now and in windows that new name with a leading space is a problem. I do not want a space before the new filename which is now just a number. But if I remove the space from the separator box now the filenames that are not just a number have the incrementing number jammed against the filename. I tried to use this at the end of the method list

Text to be replaced

Replace with

But for some reason even though it's at the end of the method list even after a Trim method it will not add a space to the incrementing numbers. Those numbers are impossible to manipulate. I tried moving the above method before the trim method but that didn't work either.
I also tried using the append pattern for the name collision rule but it does the same thing.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to force AR to add a space to filenames in the first case without adding a space to the completely removed filename in the second case.


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#2 : 19/05-17 22:56
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So does this mean there's no way to do what I'm trying to do?

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