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#1 : 26/08-11 10:14
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Test batch indicated 10 errors (in a list of a few thousand files)

One needs to scroll thru the list to find the errors marked in red.
Maybe add the feature to click on 'Error' columnheader to sort this column to have the errors listed on top, or, alternatively add a button to brings up a separate window showing the errors.

I guess sorting is easier though.. :-)


26/08-11 10:14
#2 : 26/08-11 11:10
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Sorting on the error column is a bad idea. Sorting on a column can affect the new names (eg if you use the IncNr tag). Sorting on the error column could remove the error from the errounous files and mark other files with errors. I would rather make a new window that displays the errors.

26/08-11 11:10
#3 : 26/08-11 11:48
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Reply to #2:

Yes, you are right (of course). Maybe the result window is too complicated.

Maybe a button, at the top, right next to "Rename".

Let's say : xx Errors [View Errors]
at the bottom, the Fileinfo, the error files to be displayed.

If that is too complicated as well, I think, better drop the idea for the time being.
(or on the wishlist at a low priority)


26/08-11 11:48